Sunday, 2 August 2015

How to Run at Night

Last night was the first time I have done a race event at night and I can say it was different. Obviously there are things to consider, the start time was 10pm and although the temperature was still 28ºc there was a strong coastal breeze. Plus at that time of day our bodies are starting to wind down for the evening so there was quite a bit of warm up needed to feel awake.

The Full Moon San Pedro de Pinatar race is about 9km passing through urban streets, dark country lanes and to top it all 2km across the sand. This for me was the most interesting part. The full moon was covered by cloud so the need for some light was important. Although there were a few runners with head torches not all had remembered to bring them.

before the start

you can see more than this but the camera can't

For the most part it was nice to let your eyes adjust to the low light and occasional light of another runner but on the beach it was very hard to see though I did still manage a 6min /km pace

Take away tips, take a small hand held light, the head lamps that some runners had looked uncomfortable and were a very bright and glaring that didn't help with the contrast of the darkness.

the mas crowd of sweaty runners at the finish 

cool t-shirt

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