Friday, 7 August 2015

August MTB stages tour

The start of August has meant some extra time to travel and ride new areas. incorporating visits to friends which is a great help for local information and having down time to look for the right route distance and accumulated height. nothing worst than expecting a nice ride that becomes a grind.
So with that the first ride started in an small sierra in Murcia but with a twist. a trail that once was considered too extreme was re evaluated after over a year of skills improvement and is now top of my list to do again. the local name for this trail is Bisbal.
With the very hot conditions we rode through an area where there had been a forest fire some six weeks before.
Next stop is the north of Spain with a ride in the mountain Izki (ith-ky) close to Vitoria. I was given a trail map the year before by a friend so I downloaded the gpx files and slotted together a combination of three numbered routes that put me to the test.
being the north there was now mud, trees and lots of mosquitoes. But also rustic mountain villages to see and my favourite bird - vultures!
Next up is a local ride with Gonzalo in the La Rioja campo. A very popular area for hikers on there way to Santiago. international mounting bike association have established routes here running through some of the vineyards and the hills are a challenge too.
Next stop will be Arragon to try out some of Zona Zero trails. these guys are hosting the downhill champs in September and have marked over 30 trails from lighter, intermediate to extreme. gpx files and descriptions are on the web. I will be hitting trails 1, 4, 15 starting from Ainsa. this is an special town that has castle walls it feels like you are in a Connan film.
I have added some more photos from phone from French VTT trails near Carcassonne, Montbel. Check out the trails now uploaded to Wikiloc
Burnt Mucian Hills
France Lac Montbel, what makes more dammage, horse or bike!?
Ainsa, Zona Zero
Lac Montbel

Zona Zero Ruta 1

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