Monday, 31 August 2015

Don't Drink, Don't Smoke. What do you Do?

You may remember the lyrics from this 80s Adam Ant hit. Well I was thinking about this on a hike in the Peak District near Leek.
I like to think that both these habits are becoming a thing of the past. Now the trend is to cycle, eat whole foods and be active.
last week I was able to get to Cannock Chase area of natural beauty and ride alongside heather plants, spotting deer and even a kingfisher down by the river Trent.
Today the rain came: the answer get wet, but not outside, in the pool on a quiet bank holiday and home to cook up a tasty vegetable soup.
So in short your answer to the title question should be a list of activities that fulfill your life with energy and the desire for more. Run, Ride, Hike, Swim, Skate, cook fresh food, even grow your own.
thanks for reading. leave a comment and tell me what healthy activities you enjoy. :))

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