Caspar RJ Chamberlain (ba hon 2004,erep 2013, MIAS 2015, Nutrition Advisor 2016 ) 

Trained Personally, means that everything I post and sell here are things that I do or have done, so when we look at you we can find the solution to the problem with tried and tested actions.

Ex- Asthma sufferer

Over 15 years ago I read a book about how breathing through your nose would help to re-balance the oxygen-carbon dioxide exchange and this would counter act our bodies reaction to over oxygenated blood from breathing through our mouths. I suffered asthma as a kid from 10 years old till I read this and did some experiments. I had started running at the time and I was about 24 so I always had to carry an inhaler. I started to run just breathing through my nose and concentrating at night to do the same.  I used to suck my thumb. I did this as an adult to when I slept. I never had asthma at night. My mouth was full and I was breathing through my nose. It’s a very interesting experiment. Start thinking about how you are breathing and close your mouth. When we talk and laugh a lot we may start to get out of breath. Close your mouth for a few minutes and see what happens. It took me about three weeks and I have never used an inhaler again

For many years I have been a keen sportsman, running 200m as a school boy to lifting weights to emulate bodybuilders. Always having an interest in wheeled sports from motorcycling to skateboarding. It has been a natural progression from my mechanical career from building RS 200 replicas to teaching the Spanish Army and now combining these skills to be a Personal Trainer and MTB instructor. 

I feel at home in the mountains and feel we can learn a lot about ourselves when we take the time to stay healthy. We are all very different with wide scope for change. From the food we eat to the activities we do, where we live and who we live with all have an affect on our lives. 

I grew up in Essex but have lived in Yorkshire, USA, Spain and the middle East. I have lived in Spain  for over ten years and speak two languages. I am always looking for new mental challenges as well as physical ones. I enjoy helping other see a different way to do things and giving them the knowledge to take themselves forward.

Do you have a challenge that you need some help with? Then maybe I can set you on the right path.

From weight loss, recovery, starting something new, speciality in Triathlon Mountain Cross.

Advanced Sports Nutrition, Premier UK 2015

Weight Management UK, 2015
MIAS, Mountain bike Instructor 2015
First Aid in the Wild, Red Cross 2015
Qualified, Triathlon Fitness; Ubeda; Spain 2014
Qualified as a Personal Trainer 2013.
Instituto de Cevantes, Spanish language 2009
TEFL Teaching since 2005
Degree Literature and film 2004 University of Gloucestershire
City and Guilds Arts and Media 2000
Mot Tester M/cycles 1998
City and Guilds MotorCycle Service and Repare 1996

San Pedro de Pinatar Full Moon Race Aug 2015
Santa Pola Triathlon Cross June 2015
Triatlón de Montaña, Cofrentes, Valencia 2014/15
Sierra Morena; Cordoba, MTB Guzman y Bueno 2014
MTB Alto Galego, Vale de Tene; Arragon 2014
Mojacar Triathlon cross, 2014
Sadaba Zaragoza Triathlon cross 2014
Open Water Swim, Santa Pola 2500m 2014
Marcha de BTT Velez Blanco Nov 24, 2013 
Xterra England, Big Swim event, Sept 2013 
 Xterra, Stitzerland, June 29/2013
 Xterra, Cieza, Spain, June 2013
Duathlon Cross Marbella Feb, 2013
Triwhite, Pilar de la Horadada, triathlon, Oct, 2012
Triwhite, Alicante, triathlon, sept, 2012
Santa Pola Triathlon-Cross June 2012
2012 Caravaca Biathlon (Duatlón)
Benidorm Triathlon
2011 Vancouver Canada, grouse grind
2009 Auatralia city 2 surf
2009 n.ireland, trail run
2002 isle of Wight Three hills
1999 Whitam Boxing day Run

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