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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The Perfect Poo

What! you may say, well good digestion means that, and good digestion also means that the quality organic food is not being wasted. Studies have shown that most of the carbohydrates that we eat are not being properly digested. 

What can we do? I have been looking into food combinations with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Ayurverdic - traditional Indian, both have been around for thousands of years. These two have some interesting contections to nineteenth and twentieth centuary scintific studies about saliva, gastric juice and enzymes. Ivan Pavlov The Work of the Digestive Glands 1897, 1904 Nobel Prize: Physiology and Medicine.

The common theme is combinations of foods. for example TCM looks at five flavours, sour, bitter, sweet, salt, spicy. A dish complete with these elements in their correct quantities. Don't overdose, if you do this is considered to unbalance the constitution of the person. For example if you are a hot person, adding too much spicy will compound your condition. If you are a cold person adding too many bitter green leaves to your dish will leave you feeling cooler. 

Ayurvedic constitutions work on similar lines but are often very close to Pavlov's findings. 
You may have heard of 'food combining' and yes it sounds like another crazy diet but it has been around for years. I have been doing some personal experiments. The premis then is alowing the different fluids of the digestive system time to start the asimmilation of nutrients to transfer to our blood; therefore keeping us healthy. Let's not forget the strength or weakness of our immune system is basied on our gut flora. 

It is important to remember as we eat and drink: we are eating to ingest nutrients and strengthen our immune system.

Stage one starts in the mouth chewing our food long enough to cover it in saliva before swallowing.
Then the food arrives at the stomach and depending what it is, animal protein for example requires acidic juices to start breaking down the molecules. Proteins are mostly digested here. Fruit would be more alcaline and is mostly broken down in the small intenstine. Other foods and drinks are asimmilated in the final section the large intestine. If we add a drink to our meal we are negatively diluting the process.

Let's keep this simple, what foods and drinks go together?
Drink ten minutes before a meal not with food, if your food is too dry add a salad.

Don't mix animal proteins with carbs - in nature the sandwich doesn't exist. OMG! Yeah sorry - why? the bread interupts the digestive juices working on the meat or cheese and same with potatoes and fish. Question do you burp, fart or feel bloated after a burger, sandwich or roast dinner? The reason is food hasn't been processed by the gastric juices, so it starts to ferment. The fermentaion is the cause of the gas. For this reason sugary foods should be eaten separately from other foods. 

Last night we did an experiment. Classic fish and chips - so potatoes and flour batter are our startchy carbs, two! And the fish is the animal protein. Plus a beer to wash it down. 
It was delicious - but I started to feel bloated towards the end of the meal. By the time we were walking through the carpark I was ready to join a brass band. So the combination caused poor digestive break-down and fermentation causing gas. That also means that the money spent on that meal was a waste as most of the nutrients were not taken in to blood. 
Gastric bomb, but tasty! A better combination would be the fish without batter and veg.

If you are a sportman or just trying to get into good shape this is tradgic news. In fact the timing of food ingestied by serious athletes is vital for performance. To be honest we should all be treating ourselves like the elite to get the best nutrition for health and as a consiquence we can get more from our lives.  

Here is a sample of foods that we can combine also added some of the ancient tradional food medicnes influence.

Hot person or Summer
Cold person or winter
Breakfast large fruit salad. lot’s of liquid is in the fruit so no need to add.

Keep bananas as a snack for later in the day as these are a starchy fruit also cooling
Drink ten mins before our porridge oats
Adding seeds is good but not sweet, that would start fermentation.

Toast with a little oil or butter but no jam again sugar jams cause fermentation and also sugar feeds bad gut flora too
Lunch – salad, leafy greens, peppers, carrots – only egg, tuna or cheese if this is your main dish and make it big.

 Grains: rice or quinoa or homemade bread or mijo or cuscus. Plus veg, broccoli, runner beans, seasonal veg also the cheapest in the supermarket as it’s in abundance.
Winter lunch slow cooked warming food like Lamb with lots of veg such as beetroot, parsnip, some tomatoes are cooling to balance.

Beans – kidney (not Heinz sugar beans) mix well with veg. Don’t add animal or rice to this meal.
Dinner - Steamed veg, all types some sweet potatoes or
Fish and Veg is a good combination but skip the potatoes.

If you add a handfull of nuts you might want to have these as a small starter as they are a mix of protein, fats.
Dinner – potatoes and veg add herbs to give flavour or vegan pesto no cheese.  It is a filling meal you don’t need the meat, if you do you are wasting the food as it won’t digest properly and your bed partner will reek the the benefits
Snack foods, bananas or melon or berries
Nuts warming or yogurt cooling

In our quest to be healthier humans, we are buying organic but we are mostly losing out on some of those nutrients if we are combining poorly. If you experience gas, or unpleasent visits to the toilet then have a think about what food combination you have eaten rather than blaming the food itself, 'curry doesn't sit well with me' that would be because of the meat mixed with the rice. Next time keep it simple have a veg curry and rice or have meat and veg without the rice or the naan.

You will need supportive friends and family if you are going to try this, I suggest starting at home with food that you like and see how you feel and how your body reacts. There are many books on food combining some more complex than others but I recomend doing some reading or looking for charts that will help - comming soon the perfect poo!

Thanks for reading 

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Why Gluten free helps Lactose Intolerance.

Nutrition is an overlooked science, we think that a doctors pill will fix our ailments but this is missing the fundamental cause of a weak immune system: the small intestine.

There are millions of microbes and enzymes throughout our digestive system many kilos of living elements working in a myriad of ways to absorb nutrients from foods. Lactose intolerance is a reduction or absence of the enzymes that break down dairy products. Cow's milk is public enemy number one, dairy from goats can be less problematic, but has a strong flavour. So in general we can avoid milk, butter, and cheeses however this means we have eliminated one of our animal proteins. This is not a great problem, well only the cheese lovers suffer, over time we might think that avoiding dairy is healthier and on the whole that is true, less processed foods that have milk powders, breads, meats and a host of cakes. So our diet becomes much cleaner but we are still lacking the enzymes.

Solutions: two ways we can try to help our gut:  Some companies like Alpo make simply plain soya yogurt ( sugar content 2.1g / 100) with active cultures S.thermophilus and L.bulgaricus these enzymes can help digestion, the yogurt has a cooling affect, this is important if you are eating lots of wheat products, pasta, bread, couscous. Wheat has many elements but one of them is the  protein gluten which can cause inflammation of the the walls of the small intestine, this wall is not flat it has finger like protrusions that increase the area and allow for quicker absorption of nutrients. Do you feel bloated after a sandwich or pasta dish, do you have some garlic bread with your pasta? The inflamation reduces surface area of the inner wall. We can see then that our gut is in trouble, how can it work properly and reducing the capability of our immune system.

So if you are lactose intolerant, take a break from the wheat, let your small intestine recover, add some soya yogurt with cultures I recommend trying this for about three weeks make note of what you are eating and how you feel, the frequency that you use the toilet and has there been any changes. After this trial period you my find that you can re introduce some goats' yogurt to help boost your gut enzymes. If you have some wheat make sure you have 48 hours break before you consume any more. You don't have to become totally gluten free but you will find that it helps calm the small intestine allowing you to feel better and have less visits to the bathroom and maybe even a bit of your favourite cheese.
Use Gluten free flour to make some Pasties

Gluten free scones with Soya yogurt and grapes

rustic white gluten free home made bread,  2hours in bread maker: 300ml filtered water, three table spoons of olive oil,  1tea spoon of sea salt, two table spoons of brown sugar to feed the yeast, 400g of flour, top off wth two tea spoos of yeast.

Or a more cake like Corn flour Bread.
Try also rice pasta from Sainsbury's and Quinoa rather than couscous.

Some important reading that helped me with this personal experiment: Ben Greenfield 'Beyond Training' and The Diet Myth, Tim Spector.

Let me know your experiences

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

What to do for Weight Managment

Today I wanted to give some of the main information that can help you.

Most of us understand that we are eating some of the wrong things and not being as active as we should, but that doesn't help much; neither does signing up to a gym if you are not sure what to do.
There are lots of machines and weights but why?

The weights are there to activate your muscles they need to be stimulated, pushing and pulling weight does this; as well this training uses energy long after your half hour session long into the night and the next day as the muscles are repairing themselves.  

Let's keep it simple, to lose some weight, and by that we mean 'fat', fat is a great energy source that can feed our muscles. So focus on the big muscle groups that need more fuel.
 For example.
Lower body, Legs and gluts - do: Squats, Lunges, hip raises, box jumps

We need to get our heart and lungs back in shape then we need to do some, skipping, swimming, riding, dancing, rowing and running, with the exception of swimming the rest are going to be using the lower body too, so more fat used for energy.

Upper body, swimming is a perfect way to train, chest, back, shoulders.
Some at home activities - dips between two chairs works the back of the arms, and part of the chest.
Push ups for chest can be hard, but try mini half ones and build up.

Core - is not just sit ups and crunches. Try: Plank, Med ball rows, wood cutter chops, Swiss ball plank name spell. Think of your core and 4 parts, sides, lower groin, mind section and upper.

Start then to think about our bodies, in Upper, Core, Lower, + heart and lungs. Use this to plan your week in the gym.  If your gym has a pool, swim once or twice, if you like classes do a Body pump  and Spin lots of lower body and cardio! use the floor area to to do core every day! Rotate your days so if you did a spin class on Monday, swim or do core and upper body Tuesday. If your muscles are aching two days after do some light jogging or static bike this will get the blood flowing but not too much as your muscles are still recovering.

Try for half an hour minimum two hours max cardio, bike, run, swim take five minutes to warm up and cool down, use the cross trainers to warm up as they are low impact but get you started.
Be smart, use the big muscles first as you get stronger you can look at other areas to train.

To re-cap we are using the weights or weight machines to active our muscles - this can burn fat as energy. (no enrgy gells or glucose drinks please, we want you body to look for fat as fuel)
We are doing cardio also for the big muscle groups but mostly for our heart and lungs - this also burns energy.

Now we have to be careful if we want to burn excess fat we shouldn't be adding it with our food.

Lets take a look at what we should be eating. We need to stay away from hidden sugar, be careful look at the labels, where it says carbohydrates, of which sugars! go for less is best. 0.3g - 4.4g
lots of low fat products make up the flavour with sugar, some up to 50g per 100g

Reduce animal proteins, meat, fish, eggs, cheese, milk - keep to half a palm full or less, your body need less than you think. Animal products also have higher saturated fats and add to our cholesterol.

Increase the Veg to improve fibre and vitamins and fill your plate with colour (anti-oxidants - anti- ageing). Good fats from avocados and un-salted nuts plus extra virgin olive oil ( cold pressed oils only) add it to anything from toast to soups. These vegetable fats will help give you good energy and help you feel full.

Lastly decrease your starchy carbs: bread, cereal, rice, potatoes, same as sugar - too much causes fat storing response as insulin levels rise.

Re - cap: Adjusting your food and plate size.
Less animal products, less starchy carbs. More veg, more nuts, seeds, avocados, olive oil.
As you start to eat less meats you will notice more subtle flavours in vegetables and your enjoyment of food increases. I don't count calories or measure quantities. Use your hands to tell you. Two fists is the approximate amount for your stomach. The bigger the person the bigger their fists, therefore more food. 

This is NOT a diet, you have to change the way you look at food, not just as a routine or something to stop you feeling hungry. Its the thing that gives your body the nutrients that it needs not the things it doesn't. We have to manage our bodies, with enough activity to make all your main muscles work well and the food we put in supplies them with energy plus the vitamins and minerals to stay healthy.

I hope that helps you plan you week in the gym and in the kitchen.

Look fwd to your comments.


Sunday, 3 January 2016

January Endurace Life and Nutrition.

Make this year the time to train your weaknesses. If I have a motto it is 'every year I want to be fitter'.

Now that is a hard challenge, to improve fitness as you get older! As we get older 40+ we have a tendency to lose muscle mas and gain fat. So this is not just about hitting the gym or running more.

I have holistic look at how we should be doing this. We might not be able to do a 'personal best' every year. We may have to start looking at some of the tight muscles that are due to years of endurance training. So a sidewards step. Getting a monthly sports massage to work on the tight gluts and lower back muscles. With this type of attitude we are improving every year, our knowledge improves, so we are happy to take recovery time seriously.

Part of the bigger picture is what we are eating, NUTRITION is more important than calories. Plus portion control for the less demanding days. When a product says 'low fat' or zero calories you can be sure that the nutritional content is also very low. The balance of nutrient dense foods that give us micro&macro nutrients is more valuable for your health. For more information on ratios carbs/fats/proteins please contact me for a consultation.

Make ourselves stronger, faster and fitter also means changing our routine giving our body new actions that activate nerves in dormant muscle fibres. On these colder days we can make use of shorter more intense training that will also help older athletes maintain their muscle mas.

Please book a consultation and get complete details on any of these topic for you and your training plan.

Best regards