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...thanks to the help of Caspar, I was able to workout in the right way, he showed me how to lose weight and get back into fitness. Fighting thyroid issues is a challenge and we managed to get there. I now feel stronger and more confident about training in a safe way and enjoying myself.’

Denis A León, Murcia 2013


 The focus I like to take is being active, having an active lifestyle, hiking, biking, swimming, running, body weights, free weights, being out doors as much as possible.

Keeping Nutrition simple, Changing routines, developing healthy habits, developing you, understanding to learn and improve. 



I only take on a few clients at a time and work closely with them for the first six weeks, setting them on the right path for them, their body type, their activity interests. From Mums to semi-retired and triathlon sports coaching. We all have different needs, and from time-to-time will need a bit of guidance to re-focus, motivate and improve our health.

Denis and me on an Outdoor training session

The idea of a personal trainer is not only for the super-rich or the super-fit. We all need some help at times, if you are reading this then it’s time.
You need a Trainer to help you clarify what your goals are, from weight loss to improving health, mobility, rebuilding after an accident. And as we get older our bodies change we can help you understand what is happening and what to do next. Why we need to work heart and lungs, cardio and strength for muscles and bones.
First we need to ask you questions that will help us choose the right combination of exercises, food and rest. Also personalise a plan from which you start to understand how and what you need so you have the knowledge to take yourself forward.
Both in a and out of a gym, cardio, can be done, on a bike, hiking, swimming, there are many ways that we can get your heart and lungs into shape, I like to get you out in the fresh air.
Girls and Weights
Yes we all need to lift them, even heavy ones, lifting helps produce great shape and burns lots of calories after your workout. And more importantly help to protect against osteoporosis in older age.
Body Weights
I love this type of strength training, it’s hard but real, you carry your body with you and if we train the major muscle groups, legs, chest, back and core in this way you have a free gym for life.


Single session £25, Ideal for coaching, refreshing. Approx session 1 hour

10 session £199.

Problem Solving Services

Training plans for those who have plateaued. Personalised three month training plan for fitness or race event £50 

Your Personal Trainer: Caspar Chamberlain
Living for over ten years in Spain, competing in triathlon and mountain bike events, lover of the out-doors. Married to Vet and Acupuncturist.
Constantly updating his knowledge and skills, from first aid in the wild to open water swimming.
Qualified EREPs PT; Triathlon Fitness, Mountain Bike Instructor.

My next challenge is you.


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  1. Hi all! I'm doing a very funny and customized trainning with Cas, I love it! I'm improving my strength and endurance, especially becouse my weak point are shoulders and legs, my shoulder was operated and I couldn't do anything, now I'm starting to feel strong, I can do a lot of things without getting tired, my body is different now, I'm very happy and proud to do that, and every day I feel better, thanks to Cas!