Swim Solutions

cold water !?
It helps so much when you swim with a better swimmer. They can look at your swim and see where you need to work, the stroke arm position, the head, breathing, your kick, even the confidence, motivation. Or finding that sweet spot that allows you to progress with the optimum pace saving you energy too.

Swimming in Open water is a huge mind game I have plenty of experience to help you feel comfortable and use stress to reprogramme your swim. £50 (or Euros in Spain) per session

Pool stroke analysis, I get in the pool with you, No cameras, just real time feedback. £50 20% discount when you re-book 

Like most of us I started swimming late, yes we all swam at school, but that was it, since taking up triathlon and I have trained with some amazing swimmers in Madrid Nadando Libre, also with on of the original UK triathlon Team and 8th fastest old Bloke Brian Nicole. From lakes in France and Canada to the sea and reservoirs in Spain. Competitions like Xterra Big Swim UK, 2013, long distance like below 2500m.


  1. Hello Mate,

    Just to finally sum up my swimming lessons with you at the start of this summer. I opened a bike-shop here in Murcia 5 months ago, so my time on the bike decreased while my stress levels and upper-body muscle tension was starting to get noticeable.

    I bumped into Cas in my shop and we talked how it would be good to do some cross-training away from the bike, somewhere away from the heat. Swimming sounded ideal, I just needed someone to give me some basic technique i.e. from step 1

    We met in one of the swimming pools close by every week. Cas gave me some homework to read up on before the classes and we put into practice each objective of the day, solely focusing on technique.

    Although I always though I could swim, I personally knew I hadn't learnt anything from the age of 8. I've always got bored in pools because of the lane mentality or controlled situation of a pool. I much preferred swimming in the ocean, because at least I was fighting against something, which seemed more of a challenge. All of this without any real technique...

    So it was a real bonus of having someone write up the days training objective broken down into small steps, demonstrate it in the pool and then swim along pointing out corrections at the end of each mini-lap (beginners pool). As I focused on technique and Cas' stealth effortless style of swimming I began to enjoy each swim more and more, 3 times a week.

    At the start I noticed how my shoulders and upper body were over tense and I had a left arm flexibility unbalance. With Cas's isolated swimming exercises I was able to monitor and improve both my upper body flexibility and gradual return to strength and range of motion of my left side. It definitely helped with the built up stress and I even felt my posture was improving each week.

    It's a pity Cas had to go back to the UK as I can honestly say he did a great job of getting me into the pool and achieving 25m laps without the boredom factor and enjoy fine tuning the technique. I now miss the pool if I cant go. I'm sure with more classes we could have progressed even faster with the focus on quality.

    I can highly recommend Cas and feel lucky we crossed paths in the shop. The swimming lessons were probably one of the best things I've done this year for my own personal well-being as a complete body sport. It helps me balance out time on the bike.

    Thanks again for the ground work and all the best!
    It was a great valuable learning experience.
    Hasta pronto amigo!

  2. Hi Alex, thank you for taking the time to write a great comment. So pleased to get feedback on how swimming has helped you in many parts of your day-to-day life.
    I hope you manage to make improvements and when I am back for a visit in your area we'll do another session.
    Cheers, Cas