Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Food for the Tour

Over the last two weeks I have ridden the mountain bike about 300km and accumulated over 4000m of assent. And driven about 1500km. Camped for thee nights and stayed with friends. The car is simple it uses petrol, but the legs on the bike need a more complex diet.

I have been following a whole food diet - that means I want to get my carbs, fats and proteins from foods that can give me all of these things in one hit - plus I want to to stay healthy and not get sick. So I want foods that give lots of vitamins and minerals. What is the answer.? Fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, root veg, flower and leaf veg.

Along the way I have done training session too with army fitness friends and lake swam. We have all been trying out how this re-focus away from animal proteins has helped us feel full but at the same time light. So digestion has been quicker.

I am happy to say that from the breakfasts, lunches to dinners all of which have been different. With the  huge range of vegetables in both France and Spain as well as the organic AB label that French shops have it is easy to change the foods you normally eat and add something new.

The diet is starting to become a lifestyle that is making meals ever-more tasty and interesting. Here is a few photos: Bon apatite

gluten free bread with olive oil and pepper

My favourite, with fresh mint.
Give it a tri

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