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Feedback from hiking and mountain biking events in Spain to personal training to recover after injury.

Alex14 August 2015 at sum up my swimming lessons with you at the start of this summer. I opened a bike-shop here in Murcia 5 months ago, so my time on the bike decreased while my stress levels and upper-body muscle tension was starting to get noticeable. 

I bumped into Cas in my shop and we talked how it would be good to do some cross-training away from the bike, somewhere away from the heat. Swimming sounded ideal, I just needed someone to give me some basic technique i.e. from step 1

We met in one of the swimming pools close by every week. Cas gave me some homework to read up on before the classes and we put into practice each objective of the day, solely focusing on technique. 

Although I always though I could swim, I personally knew I hadn't learnt anything from the age of 8. I've always got bored in pools because of the lane mentality or controlled situation of a pool. I much preferred swimming in the ocean, because at least I was fighting against something, which seemed more of a challenge. All of this without any real technique... 

So it was a real bonus of having someone write up the days training objective broken down into small steps, demonstrate it in the pool and then swim along pointing out corrections at the end of each mini-lap (beginners pool). As I focused on technique and Cas' stealth effortless style of swimming I began to enjoy each swim more and more, 3 times a week. 

At the start I noticed how my shoulders and upper body were over tense and I had a left arm flexibility unbalance. With Cas's isolated swimming exercises I was able to monitor and improve both my upper body flexibility and gradual return to strength and range of motion of my left side. It definitely helped with the built up stress and I even felt my posture was improving each week.

It's a pity Cas had to go back to the UK as I can honestly say he did a great job of getting me into the pool and achieving 25m laps without the boredom factor and enjoy fine tuning the technique. I now miss the pool if I cant go. I'm sure with more classes we could have progressed even faster with the focus on quality. 

I can highly recommend Cas and feel lucky we crossed paths in the shop. The swimming lessons were probably one of the best things I've done this year for my own personal well-being as a complete body sport. It helps me balance out time on the bike.

Thanks again for the ground work and all the best! 
It was a great valuable learning experience. 
Hasta pronto amigo!
  1. Hi everyone! A great walk in an amazing setting. A night walk is a good way to escape the heat in Murcia... An excellent group too. Thanks everyone!
  2. Hellooo!!, it was a great place in the best moment with amazing people!!, simplemente genial!, hay que repetir!
Hi all! I'm doing a very funny and customized trainning with Cas, I love it! I'm improving my strength and endurance, especially becouse my weak point are shoulders and legs, my shoulder was operated and I couldn't do anything, now I'm starting to feel strong, I can do a lot of things without getting tired, my body is different now, I'm very happy and proud to do that, and every day I feel better, thanks to Cas!
Hi ! Hola ! Salut !
Superbe randonnée dans une ambiance multilingue et au milieu d'un paysage magnifique et surprenant, c'était vraiment chouette, une très belle expérience !
J'attends avec impatience la prochaine excursion, merci Cas !
  1. Hello all again! Yesterday I went to Bullas, it was like the last time, amazing! We went through the mountain and vineyards with the bicycles and we took beautiful pictures while I could practise my English and learn new words and improving my physical strength! Finally we took a good lunch while we continued talking. I enjoy a lot, as always a good day in good company! ��
  2. Hi everyone! I've had the pleasure of being able to do many of these bike rides in the Murcia area. They are excellent and have never failed to impress. The best thing about them is the variety of places that you can pass through and the views. The choice of routes depending on physical ability is also perfect. As the rides are circular it's always something new and exciting. Mountain goats and wild boars can also be spotted if you are lucky. The weather is a bonus! What more can can you ask for?
  3. Hi,soy Valentin, por fin puedo escribir. Fantastica la ultima salida, gracias a tus consejos voy mucho mejor con las subidas y sobre todo bajando. A ver si podemos hacer otra salida. Un saludo.


    1. Gracias Valentin, Great to see your improvements in just a couple of rides. :-)
      Nos vemos pronto espero antes que subo al norte.
    Hola quería comentar lo que ha sido y significado para mí éste tiempo con mí  entrenado Caspar Chamberlain, fue un tiempo de aprendizaje, donde conocí mi cuerpo su fortaleza y debilidades, Caspar me brindo un abanico de posibilidades para trabajar, para ejercer mi cuerpo y sentirme más fuerte, con más fondo y con más seguridad y gusto al momento de realizar mis ejercicios. Su trabajo fue centrado en mí, y en mis necesidades. Tengo que agradecerle mucho lo que me enseñó, lo disfrute en su totalidad y bajé 2Kg, tengo que aclarar que bajar de peso para mí es complicado por mi tiroides, y que he estado en gimnasio machacandome bastante y lo único que he conseguido es tonificar pero no bajar de peso y volumen. Gracias Entrenador, un orgullo haber sido tu primer pupilo. Denis Leon 2013. Murcia. 

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