Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Training Days

Have a personal trainer for the day looking at all aspects of your life, from your kitchen to your walk to work.
Re balance, your muscles, your nutrition, your daily activities.

£100 sound a lot? What would you pay the Cesar Millan to sort out your dog...what does it cost to have a full service on your car?

Solutions for the weak areas in your life, simple ways to stay flexible, strong, eating well.
Where, how and why training activities that you need. Realistic goals for you.
Six week plan done on the day with you completely individual.
Food and nutrition; what you eat, when, how, who with, what to shop for, we go to your supermarket.
Understand latest news about health, old myths and sayings. An apple a day...why is that true?

*Day will start with 'walk n talk' finding out about you, where and how you live.
*Base data, heart rate, measurements, injuries.
*Kitchen check over, see what you normally eat.
*Shop and prep healthy lunch, cooking tips to save time and stay on track.
*Resistance training for you and your weaknesses.
*Cardio for you and your fitness.
*Six week plan, with weekly follow up call or email.

1 comment:

  1. That is really a good price. I'm currently training for a marathon and I have to think about everything, kind of food, amount of food, how long should I run, etc... I've spent more money than £199 in books and tasting different kind of food and I've also spent a considerable amount of time reading this books instead of training for the marathon.

    Next season I'll call you.