Monday, 11 May 2015

free training Apps + mtb mag + youtube channels it's all in the HIPS

There are a lot of mobile and Tablet apps out there and some are better than others here are a few Android Apps that I have been using that are helpful.
this is one of a series that Virtual Trainer have done, they cover, bosu, resistance bands, kettle bells, most of the every day  fitness tools that we can use at home or in the gym. This one Body wight is free the others are about five euros. It would be nice to see them sold a pack at a discount price. Having said that, The Apps are nicely put together with simple video instructions, married with timers for hitt with a nice range of exercises to keep your workouts fresh.
selecting the muscle group displays a number of options.
Next up is a swimming App, sounds a bit strange but it has some nice tips from instructors with some clear video showing common errors and instruction on how we can change. I like this as the verbal and visual combination help me imagine how my stroke is. It's a free App that and some work has gone into this so well worth a look.
the App is all in English inspite of the Spanish title, just my IP address

The last App that I enjoy using is International Mountain Bike Magazine, much the same as mbr in the UK or Bike in Spain, new bike reviews, tech, riders and rides in different parts of the world, nice glossy pics and good stories. Some nice video links. Like all mags they have one focus to sell products and this does that too. So why spend five pounds when you can have a mag that is free.
there are lots of back issues so you have plenty to catch up on.
Youtube is also being used as a kick off point like facebook to promote business as we move away from normal TV and try to find what interests us directly. Here are two top picks for both fintess and mountain bike.

Jeff Cavaliere is a physio and trainer that puts together the scince and bio-mechanics with his athlean x brand as we try to get in shape. In his videos though he says the word 'guys' at the end of every sentence but I have found his explinations very helpful and his variations on the standard workouts are refreshing. For example why to we thrust out hips forward at the top of a squat or kettlebell swing? these things start to make sence when you after watching a few videos. If you know write me a comment below and see if you're right.

Staying with hips, the boys at Global Mountain Bike Network have some nice skills videos that can help us all polish our riding. And its all in the hips. Again if you know why the hips are so important than write a comment to see if you're right.

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