Thursday, 7 May 2015

Tri-cas are your new Workouts

Weekly triathlon fitness workouts. You don's have to be into triathlon, in fact there is a move away from training plans that focus on base and build and peak schedules. This is a way to spice your weekly workouts using a wide range of muscle groups, reducing monotony and increasing your fitness.

This a cardio focus but we also need to mix in strength and flexibility workouts again giving us more scope.

Lets have a look, so you might want to swim one day, run the next have a active rest day walking to work, use the weights in the gym the next and get a good ride in on the weekend. An active week without the pressure and boredom of the same old sessions.

We can also adapt this to  working strength and power by doing sprints, high cadence laps in the pool, hill climbs on the bike, so you always have a surprise for your muscles.

As the seasons change then we can move into other activities, more winter hikes, indoor yoga, hitt sessions, long slow laps in the pool using a different stroke. Summer time outdoor swims, fun runs and a trip abroad to ride or hike somewhere new.

The only plan you need is try new things stay away from your old routine and get a mix of training into your week.

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