Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Get some Coaching

Having a personal trainer is a bit of an expense that maybe most of us don't need, however all of us need some coaching to see perhaps the small changes we can make to improve our run, swim, bike, workouts and nutrition.

We might have a 'go to friend' or web page that we can search for answers. But I want to take a more personal approach. The next stage for PersonallyTrained is to offer a service to look at data: from runs and races, workouts, training plans - intensities/duration. And give feed back on how to cut out junk kilometres and give you some professional input. Speak to you about diet, performance and all those little things that we like to fuss over, what gear, when and where to train or race. A lot of what us athletes do can cause some nerves and stress having someone that gives you confidence in the choices you make will make any event much more enjoyable.

So bottom line, I will look at data from the start or the end of your season or every six to eight months for 50 notes, this way I get something for my time and you get a personal feedback on how you are progressing and where you should be heading.

Those that are interested send and email to and I'll send you the data pack that I'm putting together.

find those flat spots and tweak your motor

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