Saturday, 22 November 2014

Pancakes and Mountain biking

Every weekend for the last three years I have been out on the bike, all over the Spanish countryside, from the hills in Istán; Malaga to the Arragones peaks in the Pyrenees. It is safe to say I know my way around and when are where is a good time to ride. see link to April blog

So with my girlfriend in the UK, I started thinking how lucky I am to ride all year, she's just moved for work near Cannock trails, so I'll be checking them out in 2015, but for now its back to rides, rides and more rides with the sun on my back and never having to think about rain.

If you are interested in doing some riding check out the link to the April blog, and get in touch and maybe we can sort some rides out for you.

this morning's pancakes
Heading out to check out this ride in Sierra Espuña, 40km from home, part of the Yeti mtb trail that runs through here once or twice a year.  ;)) Be safe, be lucky and enjoy what you have on your doorstep. (unless its a message from the neighbour's dog;)

....some hours later, the pancakes did well but the hot coffee and ham bocadillo in Camping El Berro went down well. Without doubt Sierra Espuña is visually impressive, higher than Snowdonia and BenNevis at almost 1,600m, so there is all types of weather, the isn't much single track but there are now four officiil routes thanks to Espubike and I was able to pick up a map, all gps track are on Wikiloc. So quite a bit more riding to do.
146km in 4 sections. the ride today used the final part of No.4

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