Friday, 24 October 2014

Active English

After ten years of teaching English mostly in Spain, my conclusion is that there is too much focus on B1/2 exams, what is more important is, 'Can you speak!?'

For many years during the summer I work in intensive courses and what stands out the most is the comments of the students, 'the best things were the activities and chats over lunch' this is why I want to focus the next ten years on doing things in the second language.

My interests are activites like, hiking, mountain bike rides, running and general fitness. There are two main benifits, one you are doing something while you speak and two that your heart rate is higher so you have more blood moving round your body and that makes you more involved.

The plan is to start with rides and hikes on the weekends and to progress to other activies.
keep an eye on Twitter to see what is coming up and if you are interested get in touch or send me an idea you have.

YOU! You are coming with me. Lets Go!

Ha pasado diez años desde empiezo a dar clase de inglés, Y mi conclusión general es lo bonito es un certificado de B1/2, puedes hablar!
Durante varios cursos intensivos lo que ha destacado es los comentarios de los alumnos, 'lo mejor era los actividades, he aprendido más que en clase'
Actividades, como salida de senderismo, una cena o comida, rodar una película, hacer una tarta no importa la actividad pero que sea en English así la practica será algo más real.

Entonces el plan es hacer salidas  en bici, senderismo, y entrenar  in English

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