Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Top Ten Mobility and Strength home Excercises

Here are my top ten functional movements that can help all of us stay active even when stuck at home.

1. Standing on one leg. core balance
2. Standing up from a chair or the floor without using your hands. legs, gluts and core.
3. Carry two bags of shopping up stairs. legs, gluts, core and shoulders, back.
4. Hold a 1.5lt bottle of water out in front of you. how long can you last! chest and shoulders.
5. Front and side Plank. core, shoulders, gluts, back.
6. Backwards Lunge. gluts and legs.
7. Side lunge. upper leg ab/adductors
8. Tricep Dips between two chairs.
9. Leg Lift. find a corner worktop in the kitchen. with hands on each worktop and your bum in the corner raise your body, shoulders chest and triceps. and now lift legs together. lower core and hip flexors.
10. the classic Push Up. if you can't manage one try it from your knees.

Good luck!

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