Thursday, 25 June 2015

Get Your Food Right.

Eating the best food all year round is how we need to be thinking about how nutritional our next meal will be. Sounds hard but lets break it into parts. Each meal should have three components, Carbohydrates, healthily fats from oils such as olive, or fish oils, Proteins, from fish, lean meat, nuts, vegetables. These foods should be 'clean' no E numbers preferably organic.

Side note here, E numbers are the silent killers, destroying stomach flora, causing intestinal problems. So we should be avoiding these. And topping up our good intestinal flora with the help of Kefir not chemicals added to small plastic pots.

Our foods want to be ticking many boxes, nuts for example, give us healthy fats and proteins. Vegetables also provide and good source of carbs and some proteins and of course vitamins and minerals. Here we could look at the number of studies that show how vegetarian diet is proving to be the age, diabetes and cancer fighting and staying away from processed meats and dairy products that are now linked to lots of health issues. see Gerson Therory and The China Study

So back to our daily menu, in my kitchen right now, I have to go shopping as I have no garden to grow my own, I have some organic potatoes, some salmon and some tomatoes, Kumato in fact. Here I can see that I have the proteins and omega 3 fish oils, carbs from the potatoes and vitamin C from the tomatoes, but I'm missing some leaf or flower vegetables, so on my shopping list is some spinach or celery and broccoli both providing anti-oxidants as well and vitamin A. Link to Vitamins in food

The idea is to cover the main food groups and which in turn will provide us with the vitamins and minerals that our bodies need, not the E numbers.

'It is easy to write about but in reality...' Well it's about thinking and planing a bit more, today I cooked extra and saved it as I know when I get home late from work that I'll will be hungry and there is a meal waiting. We can try to buy and cook extra and keep it either frozen or in the fridge. We want to give our bodies the best opportunity to stay healthy, It starts with what we put in our mouths.

Thanks for reading and post any questions or comments and I'll try to help.


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