Thursday, 12 June 2014

Gettin Wet

Sometimes it's hard to make the right choice, the menu is often too big so when deciding what was going to be the next focus of Personally Trained I had to look back at my notes to see that one goal I had made was to improve my swimming, and as this years and last year's triathlons had the swims cancelled due to conditions.

So when I saw Travesia in the Santa Pola área I put my name down straight away, June 1st, 2500m sea swim. Up until now the most of my training was at 1500m but with the help of my very buoyant wetsuit I was able to get round the sea course.

Starting out in a group of about 80 swimmers through the waves to the yellow buoys then north up the coast at a turn point marked by an inflatable pyramid we then headed out to a yatch swam round that then set course :/ sort of straight diagonal to the start finish. Navigation on this last stretch was not easy as the swell meant the seaweed point of view of swimming and no return markers meant that after 1hour 18mins i got out the water feeling a bit wobbly but very happy with the result

So as with all addictions and sports ´ganas de más' looking fwd to the next challenge ;)

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