Sunday, 5 July 2015

Lights OUT Night Hiking

Hi all, as you know I am a big fan of an active lifestyle and always trying to think of new things to do.
Here in the the south east of Spain in July it is almost 40º in the day so outdoor activities other and the pool or the beach are limited. Bit like the UK in the winter. So I put together a Night hike.

I got inspired by an area while out on the mountain bike in Gebas and the reservoir and thought this would be a great place to come at full moon to see the reflection. There is a marked PR and we could do a circular walk, distance of about 14km so with a snack about 3.5hours.

With an international group, French, English, Spanish, Colombian it was good fun, English was the common language and off we set at about 8pm. Full moon was the night before at 10.30 so with about 7km walk out and a stop for dinner stack we should start to see the moon come up.

Conversation was in full swing only on a few climbs did  the pace of talking start matching the walking.

we weren't alone thou it might look like it

The sun was starting to set and we would make it to the waterside to have a rest and watch the night. Unfortunately my planning was a little off; I hadn't calculated the 45 minute change per night before and after the full moon. The actual moon-rise time would be almost an hour later. So after our dinner we had to head back by torch light rather than moon.

This was actually very useful for night navigation as there were no clouds we could easily see the Big Dipper. And then behind us part of the way back there were shouts of joy as the moon quietly came up to show a hazy orange face. :))

Thank you all for coming out on a warm evening and doing something different.


  1. Hi all!!! Yesterday I had the opportunity to go out with this great group and it was amazing!!! I loved it, we could walk under the moon, practice our english, have a dinner sitting next to the lake also under the stars, and talk and laugh a lot. Finally we come back with our lights in the dark it was very very funny!, I'm looking forward to the next! Thanks to Cas!

  2. Hi ! Hola ! Salut !
    Superbe randonnée dans une ambiance multilingue et au milieu d'un paysage magnifique et surprenant, c'était vraiment chouette, une très belle expérience !
    J'attends avec impatience la prochaine excursion, merci Cas !

  3. Hi everyone! A great walk in an amazing setting. A night walk is a good way to escape the heat in Murcia... An excellent group too. Thanks everyone!

  4. Hellooo!!, it was a great place in the best moment with amazing people!!, simplemente genial!, hay que repetir!!