Saturday, 23 November 2013

junio 2013. reblog, triathlon training

First timers Guide, training plan, and events link, also coming soon.
Events 2013
June 2nd:
Completed 2h 8min, Sprint distance. 

June 9th: inscriptions now closed

Quick training guide: a typical week in a build up to sprint distance.

With 24 hours in a day, 8 to sleep, 8 to work and 8 for washing, cooking, family and training.

Sunday morningMTB 45-60km min 20km off roadhill climb 400m
Mondayactive restwalk to work or ride
Tuesday7.30am, 6km run on and off roadhill climb and decent
Wednesdayswim indoor pool1000m, crawl
Thursdaystretching, pull ups push ups core workride to work
Fridayam run, speed worksprints intervals
Satuardayopen water swim  to get used to temp

everyday we are doing something that contributes to a component, speed, strenght, endurance and don't forget  flexibility by stretching after each activity

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