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Hello I am Caspar I hold a Nutrition advisor title as well as weight managment and advanced sports nutrition.
Like many of us I have suffered from diet issues such lactose and gluten intolerance.
I offer a one day home visit service, involving what modern food is doing to our bodies.
  • Teaching you how every mouthful gives you nutrients.
  • We will look at how to quickly dominate food lables.
  • I give you real examples to try.
  • What foods should be combined for better digestion
  • How to transition from processed foods to whole foods
  • Cravings and what they mean
  • Where to keep foods in or out the fridge
  • Protein myths
  • Vegetarian and vegan diets
  • Cooking a meal together in your kitchen
Plus any areas of health and nutrition that interest you and your family.
Typical day starts around 10am, meet you and your kitchen – start learning that instant.
Small workshops to undersatnd labels and basic nutrition concepts.
Food preparation for lunch followed by relaxed seminar.
Looking at omega 3/6 to calcium magnisium balance plus answering any of your questions about food scare stories.
Get the knowledge – live better.
Call 07939 019 030 to book your day! Only £99

What is a whole foods diet?

It means as natural as possible. Organic is better but not essential.
 Look for this organic flag symbol, from eggs, flours, coconut oil, olive oil as well as vegetables.
Wholefoods are those without e-numbers, added oils and sugar, salt or milk powders.

Changing the way we think about the Food we have always Eaten.
Protein and Anti-oxidants What do they do for Us?  

I have always eaten what I feel is right for me; I remember picking the runner beans in the garden in the summer as a young boy. I remember as in my late teens, and twenties I wouldn’t be interested in eating fast food. But like most of us where we live shapes our diet. And in the UK that means a diet very similar to that of other North American cultures: lots of milk, animal fats, processed cereals and excess of sweet drinks. In my 30s I became Lactose intolerant. So no Dairy! This has actually been a very good thing!

But as I have been discovering not all of these things are good for us long-term. E numbers are good example, we know that they are not good but that’s it. What is not good is that these modern preservatives actually kill our stomach flora, so cause digestive problems, also cause skin problems, headaches and can be linked to carcinogens. 

In the book the China study, Doctor T.Colin Campbell spent over 40 years compiling information with both animals and humans and the basic discovery is that milk casein promotes cancer growth. You should read the book. They found that animal proteins act differently to vegetable proteins, even if the cancer is established the consumption of vegetables reduced the growth and improved the life of the patient. The book explains that our diets in the west are 20% or more of animal protein, all meats, chicken, fish, eggs, milk, cheese etc. and if we reduce that to 5% or less we can see improvements in liver health.

The book explains that breast cancer is also linked to animal proteins and animal fats, again the basic idea that in the west the rich diet of milk provokes the early start of menstruation whereas a vegetarian diet postponed the start by upto 8 or 9 years reducing the estrogen levels buy half. As you can start to see the China study is a huge source of data that is vital in understanding our bodies.
Increasing our consumption vegetables then will help our long-term health and will also provide higher fiber diet that will also help move unwanted carcinogens through our system. Part of our diets is to provide us with, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals as well as making us feel satisfied and energetic. All vegetables have quantities of these elements; we don’t need to eat like we have been. Just look around and you see people bloated from eating the wrong foods, they mostly don’t know it the wrong food. The food industry is a huge machine and we are stuck with it. But people are starting to make better food choices.

We might not live longer with a better diet but we will live better. We can boost out defenses and immune systems with root veg like garlic for example. One of my favorites is Black Garlic it has been fermented like wine to produce a sweet, soft, dark cloves that have 5 times the vitamin E content. I won’t get into an anti-oxidant discussion but that is to say that all the colours of fruit and veg will supply us with a high level of anti-oxidants that help us fight against age.
 Now I’m nearly 40 years old and people say I don’t look it and don’t feel like it either I am also the fittest I have ever been with the lowest body fat I have ever had. So thinking about what we are eating is hugely important. We might want the latest gadget and spend a lot of money on it. But I would rather buy organically grown fruit and veg and reap the health benefits, now and later.

So what does this mean to us triathletes? I guess it means that as well as looking to see if we are overtraining we should be looking to see if we are over eating animal proteins. Most bodybuilders are interested in growing big muscles fast and eat a lot of animal proteins and whey supplements but as a triathlete we need to stay fit and healthy for long periods of time and we need more anti-oxidants to fight the damage of hard training miles.   

Another very interesting study by Dr McDougll is well worth a look. He takes a more scientific approach it's not just vegan or vegetarian. 

this is his FREE BOOK

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